Donald Trump won the presidency even though he has repeatedly presented his incompetence and unfitness to be the new commander in chief. He gains enormous support from working class white voters in America because they truly believe that Trump will take away their anger and make America great again. Trump blames it all on illegal immigrants and talks about crimes committed by criminals. He doesn’t seem to understand what he is talking about. He doesn’t cite sources of information.

He really makes Muslims look bad and also has created this huge tension and division in the U.S. His bigotry is powerful as everybody listens to him saying these racist words over and over through media. Although Trump promised to serve all American people during his victory speech, he is already back to his grandiose self, demanding apology from theater group through Twitter.

Trump’s policy only serves one type of people-white Christian men even though demographics of America have been changing and we have more racially mixed people, minorities and undocumented people. His policy simply does not work. It is extremely sad that minorities and children of illegal immigrants are so afraid of their future and kids should never have to live like this.

He is hiring nationalists that are endorsed by White supremacists and hate groups.

So how did Trump gain so much support from people in America? I honestly don’t even know what he really believes in. He just basically manipulated these people who are angry and scared. He used hate to push his agenda.


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