Learn Japanese – Level 3

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This level will help you:

  • Describe where things are.
  • Engage in more conversation.
  • Learn about informal verb and adjective conjugations
  • Learn informal speech

Level 3 topics include:

  • Introduction to Kanji
  • Describe where things are (arimasu, imasu)
  • Ask for directions, or where things are
  • Engage in more conversation (how often do you play tennis?)
  • Invitation-(masenka, mashou)
  • Explain your schedule (i have a Japanese class on Monday)
  • Explain how often you do things
  • Informal speech (this is essential)
  • Informal verb and adjective conjugations
  • Explain your likes and dislikes (both formal and informal) ~noga suki desu, ~noga kirai desu
  • Ask what others like and dislike (donna:what kind of, dore:which: nani:what)
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