There are thousands of people protest against Donald Trump in my town alone. I don’t think the protests were this large when Bush was re-elected. What scares me is not just Trump’s immigration policy proposals but the fact that someone who was so hateful throughout his campaign could get away sexual misconduct (or assault) and fraud, and he is going to be the commander in chief in two months or so. That is horrifying. Trump doesn’t care about these people who needed to be heard, but he was saying whatever in order to gain their support. Trump was just speaking their mind.

It is human nature to blame others for our own shortcomings and negative situations. It’s easier to blame other people or the situations caused by others instead of reflecting on ourselves and doing something that we can today to improve. As a first generation immigrant, Trump’s hatred against undocumented people and his pledge to build a wall (that he will never be able to do) or to deport all undocumented immigrants scares me. His views do not align with American values. America is a nation of immigrants that embraces people from different cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and religions. We are not just allowed to have these values. We are supposed to embrace that.

It is ridiculous that people believed in whatever Trump was claiming just to become famous, gain support and ultimately become the president of the United States. He desperately needed these angry people’s support to get elected. He doesn’t care about these American working class people and veterans. If he did, he would have paid income tax for 18 years. He has yet to release his tax return.

We have worked so hard to create an inclusive environment, in which we are embraced for who we are, expected to treat others respectfully and not to tolerate hostility and racism against certain people. But Trump selfishly spoke on behalf of these angry people and he doesn’t care about these people. All he cared about was to win. So he could become the most powerful man in the world.

If the President of the United States can get away with bullying and hurting certain people, anybody else can do the same thing. That is absurd. Watch..Trump will not be able to build a wall or deport all undocumented people! It costs billions of dollars to do that and we don’t have the funds to do that, and there are other more pressing issues that need to be resolved.

I would like to urge Mr. Trump to let Ms. Clinton to become the new President of the United States. Yes she did make a huge mistake and perhaps she is hiding something. However, she has worked extremely hard for the last 40 years. You can’t do whatever she was doing just for the sake of money and power. She is much more fit to become the commander in chief. This was not a fair election because Hillary won the popular vote and that tells everything. Electoral college is meant to give more voice to republicans in these small states. But since Hillary got more votes than Trump did, she should become the President.

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