If you think these illegal Mexicans and Latinos are taking your job, you are mistaken. Do you really want to wash cars in summer? Do you want to wash dishes in the kitchen? They are almost always paid less than the minimum wage without workers’ compensation. That means that even if they get injured, they can’t claim any compensation. Do you really want to do that kind of job for $4 an hour? Don’t you think that it is not the undocumented people who are perpetuating this modern slavery?

Maybe it is the greedy business owners that are continuing to outsource to Mexico and third world countries to save money on labor? These employers continue to hire these undocumented people because they can get away with it. Why should we punish these undocumented people who have been working so hard just to stay alive?

Sure, there are lots of bad ones out there, but is it fair to say that all these undocumented people are rapists, drug dealers and criminals as Trump has claimed throughout his campaign? Lots of legal aliens and citizens work under the table in order to continue to qualify for welfare. These undocumented people are often charged taxes and they can’t even file a tax return. It is obvious who we need to go after. I am sure that Trump has hired thousands of undocumented workers through his contracting companies.

America needs a border?! There is a border and you can’t get citizenship just because you want to. My ignorant friend said to me, “well, all you need to do is to illegally cross the border, then take the test and you can become a US citizen.” There are specific paths all foreigners have to follow in order to obtain legal residency in the US and these undocumented people are busy surviving everyday. They are grateful to have clean water and hot shower.

Sure, there are bad illegals that need to be deported, but what Trump did is to merely speak angry people’s mind. These people just want to blame others for their own problems. It’s hard to take responsibility sometimes. It’s hard to accept the truth, but where is your empathy? What makes them think that these illegals are taking American people’s jobs? They do the kind of jobs no Americans are willing to take. $4 an hour without any benefits..modern slavery.

Trump could have presented the same immigration reform/policy in a completely different tone. He made it sound like they are all criminals, bad and they have to be deported back to Mexico. Because of his hostile campaign, I’ve heard sad stories that cuban children (they are not Mexicans!) were bullied and crying in school because their white classmates told him to go back to Mexico! I believe that everybody is racist to an extent, and lost of minorities are extremely racist toward white people. But Trump’s campaign created hostile environment for children to live in.

Is it really realistic to send these loyal undocumented people home? Then what? It makes absolutely no sense to send undocumented people who were brought to the U.S. as children. These people should be given legal residency immediately. They didn’t know any better and it isn’t their fault. Many of them are doing really well and are an essential part of US economy. Why do we want to deport these people?

America is a nation of immigrants. Almost everybody is from another countries. It makes me really sad when I hear another Asian immigrants endorse Trump’s immigration policy. Some of them feel that they are totally assimilated and thus they are being American by adopting alt-right ideology. The sad part is that many of them are ignorant and don’t understand what their grandparents or parents did to bring them over here. Somebody else did something and they were fortunate. Under Trump’s immigration policy, could they have moved here? So I am asking everyone to learn to be more empathetic. This is such a basic thing to do but many of us are forgetting to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Instead of using these Mexican people as scapegoats, why don’t you focus on positive things? If you can’t find a job, go back to school, brush up your skills..do something.

Throwing these people back to Mexico or their home countries while bullying them do not work. The more you engage in negativity thought patterns, the more time you are wasting and it is not productive. Also compassion and empathy are two things the nation of immigrants can embrace to build a stronger nation. Send bad illegals home, but there are more pressing issues that politicians should be focusing on. Environmental issues (climate change is NOT hoax. It is real), health care and education..it sounds all beautiful but if we don’t work together, the world will end in no time. Ultimately, all countries do have to work together to fight ISIS, environmental issues, Nuclear weapons..we can’t afford to make the same mistake that our ancestors had made in the past. The world will come to an end if we continue this fight.

Regardless of political stance, it is important to ask yourself..”what if I was in his shoes?” “what if my parents were just trying to survive..”

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