4200 firms hit over labor violations

Abuses include forced, unpaid OT; young key victims…

Following an audit conducted in September, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced Tuesday that 4,189 business violated labor laws, including forcing extended work hours on employees and failing to pay overtime wages, and it ordered them to redress the situation. These are so called black companies known for abusive employment practices, especially against young workers, the ministry said. (Japantimes.co.jp)

..Though Japaneese workers reportedly suffer abundant abuse of this kind, especially vulnerable are the foreign “trainees,” some 50,000 of them as of 2011, who are in Japan supposedly to acquire skills they can take home to speed their own countries’ economic growth…anyways this article explains how far these “black” companies in Japan go to exploit foreign workers by paying way below minimum wages and it is disgusting to read the company owner says he doesn’t feel guilty since some companies give these foreign “trainees” one day off a month. But unfortunately these kind of situations happen everywhere. Sadly I see many undocumented workers mainly from Mexico (they are not necessarily Mexicans but many of them are from South America and entered into the U.S. illegally from Mexico)..in Southern California. They are everywhere..in the restaurants (kitchen especially), car wash..do you think they are paid minimum wages? ($10 per hour in California) and liability insurance companies are mandated to have to protect their workers? I don’t think so.

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