I was born and raised in Japan, but moved to the US after graduating from high school to go to college. It was my dream to move to a different place, so it was really exciting to start a new life. But it was very challenging to overcome cultural and language barriers.

It all started when I was still an undergrad student. I started to tutor my friend who was interested in Japanese culture and since then, I’ve worked with people of all ages (5-71!) and backgrounds. I’ve also helped some students prepare for their Japanese language proficiency test.

I love helping people achieve their goal of mastering Japanese language. I understand the difficulty of masting a foreign language firsthand because I had to do the same in my early 20s. People often ask me if you need to be a child in order to become fluent in a foreign language but it is definitely not the case.

Children absorb words quickly and they approach learning differently but adults all learn new information and language differently and many of us can learn using reasoning and critical part of the brain. So we can often apply what we’ve learned to the new scenario and keep building on our foundation.

I offer a one-on-one Japanese language lesson online. If you are interested, please feel free to email me at yumitolesson@gmail.com to get more information.

Lessons will be held on skype. ­čÖé



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