This online course is created for beginners and intermediate learners of Japanese language. Advanced learners may find it useful as the course takes you through how to say common phrases and words, read and write and most importantly this course explains Japanese grammar and it actually makes sense.

Adult learners need to learn certain rules of grammar and what other popular language courses do doesn’t often work because they don’t go over grammar step by step, logically, in the order that makes sense to adult learners.

Click the link below to access lessons. It may take a little while for the course to open so thanks for your patience.

Lesson 1- How to greet in Japanese

Lesson 1-how to greet-exercise 1

Lesson 1-How to greet in Japanese-Exercise2

Lesson 2-my name is…

Lesson 2- My name is-exercise 1

Lesson 3-Family

Lesson 3-Family exercise 1

Lesson 3- Family-Exercise 2

Lesson 4-How to ask a question?

Lesson 5-numbers



Lesson 6-Countries

Lesson 7-Occupations

Lesson 8-at the restaurant

Lesson 9-Money

Lesson 10-Verbs

Lesson 11-Particles

Lesson12-Full Conversation

Lesson 13-Past Tense Verb

lesson-14-Past Tense Negative Verb

Lesson 15-Posession and Object Location-Aru and Iru

Lesson 16-Days-Youbi

Lesson 17-Months.Dates.Years-Tsuki-Hinichi-Nen

Lesson 18-Japanese Holidays

Lesson 19 Adjectives

Lesson 20-Adjectives Past Tense

Lesson 22- From Kara, Made

Lesson 23-How to Count

Lesson 24-Approximation-Gurai.kurai.Goro

Lesson 25-Mo Particle

Lesson 26-Other functions of ni, de, to particles

Lesson 27-desu.deshita.datta

Lesson 28-Asking for Permission-temo ii desuka?

Lesson 29-Explaining why-Kara

to access the full 60 lesson–> go to


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