Blood types in Japanese Culture

Taku KabeyaBlood type

Blood types are quite important for Japanese people. I don’t even know how I first learned about my blood type but most Japanese people know their blood types and people ask about blood types all the time…wait but why?

Because they believe that blood types represent certain personalities. There are four blood types: A, B, O or AB. I had never thought about this deeply but no single person has ever asked me what my blood type is in America. So why is it so important in Japanese culture? 

In Japan, people believe that someone’s blood type can determine his personality. That is why people ask “What’s your blood type?” or they guess your blood type for you. ^_^ So let’s go over the common characteristics represented by each of four blood type.

A-This is probably the most common blood type in Japan. It is said that approximately 40% of the Japanese population is type A. People with type A are believed to be normal, stable, hardworking..well, it’s because Type A is the most common blood type..My father is A and he is VERY normal. 🙂

B-People with type B are believed to be assertive, even a little aggressive, opinionated and they need to be right. They are believed to have strong personalities and they aren’t the easiest people to hang out with at times.

O-Probably this is the most preferred blood type in Japan. People with type O are generous, relaxed and kind. They don’t easily get mad at others like type B.

AB-This is the most controversial blood type. I don’t know what to make of this but my blood type is AB! And interestingly, most people told me that I was the typical AB..I don’t know what they were trying to say but people with type AB tend to be unique, mysterious..they are just different from everybody else. Hum..I guess I should take that as a compliment. I enjoy being unique and different. ^_^

I did not know about this but apparently some employers in Japan still ask their prospective employees what one’s blood type is. There is no scientific evidence to support this theory so it is absurd that people try to screen potential candidates based on blood type. But people believe in superstitions without really questioning the validity of the claim.  But there is no need to take this seriously. It’s just for fun and certain people do have certain blood type and I don’t know if this applies only to Japanese people. But it is interesting how they categorize blood type A the most normal..and coincidentally the most common blood type is A in Japan. Get free tips here.

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