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Detaching from your thoughts

今回は、アクセプタンス アンド コミットメント セラピーという心理療法の脱フュージョンと言うテクニックをご紹介したいと思います。












So today, I want to talk about cognitive defusion technique which is introduced in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. There are many other ways to deal with our negative thoughts, but for me, this worked well so I hope that some of you find this useful and I highly recommend you test it out to see if it would work for you.

Many of us have negative thoughts. I do tend to think negatively and for example, I have this thought “that person doesn’t like me.” I just met this person and my automatic negative thought just pops up and in the past, I used to be fused with the negative thought and started to ruminate about random “evidences” and then I ended up avoiding this person. You can imagine how unhealthy this is because I don’t even know the fact that this person actually dislikes me. Even if she did dislike me, so what? right

So my therapist taught me this technique. I have this negative thought and as soon as I have that thought, instead of avoiding or suppressing it, I create space between myself and the thought, acknowledge that my brain has this negative thought and accept that it is just the thought. It could be true, not true, and there is no right or wrong. So you accept that negative thought for what it’s just a thought, nothing more nothing less. and I create space for that thought to move around and eventually that thought kind of disappears.

I even become curious about the negative thought..and ask myself “what kind of physical sensation this negative thought triggers?” “how do I feel?” I curiously observe my Bodily sensations, thought and how it affect me and if the thought starts to cause suffering, I do the visualization technique.

For me, leaves in the stream exercise is the most effective. I imagine that I am standing on the bunks of the beautiful river and when I look down, I see beautiful laves floating and I place this negative thought on one of the leaves that I’ve chosen and imagine that leaf start to slowly float away from you and eventually disappear.

It does require some training and practice, but once you master this cognitive deffusion technique, it becomes easier for you to cope with negative thoughts and you will no longer have to be dictated by these negative thoughts. and see that thought for what it is…it’s just a thought!

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