If you want to sell products on your website, you would need e-commerce integration. You can use WordPress and download an ecommerce plugin. It is extremely convenient. or the company you chose to register your domain name and hosting may offer ecommerce plugin. This is becoming more and more common, so you should be able to purchase an e-commerce and shopping card add-on. Another issue is payment method. I don’t really feel comfortable accepting credit card as a payment method so I used to use paypal for payment method. It is very easy because all the buyer need from you is your email address associated with your account so buyer can simply make a payment by entering your email address in the PayPal website and you should get payments instantly. 

Godaddy.com has e-commerce installation and it is easy but you will have to pay for additional $$ to install the system into your website. It is a pain to build e-commerce using computer languages so I don’t recommend it to beginners especially so it is best to install  a plug-in on WordPress or simply install e-commerce from other companies such as godaddy.com


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