Hostess like dentist

beautiful Japanese dentistMiwako Kimura is a beautiful young Japanese woman. When you see her picture, you might think that she is one of those hostess girls and I thought that she was a hostess or a boutique owner in Tokyo..guess what? She is the vice president of comesitc dental clinic in Nigata prefecture. I am not sure if I trust her enough to do any dental work for me because she does look like a trendy hostess. Many of them are not studious enough to go to college, let alone studying toward dental degree. Although she does look like “gyaru” (referring to a trendy hostess), she has a degree from a dental school and is a member of the American Dental Implant Association. Apparently she has various credentials and her mother is the one who owns the dental clinic with interesting backgrounds. Her mother has a degree in Russian language from Jyochi University and then decided to pursue a higher education in dentistry after having a child. You can check out their website here. But it does seem like the main goal for Miwako is to become famous and achieve celebrity status.

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