How to become fluent in Japanese

  • It is important that you make commitment to learning Japanese everyday.
    Try to review your textbook and notes, listen to your Japanese audios everyday. Studying 15 minutes a day is better than not studying at all.
  • Hire an experienced Japanese tutor. It is important to have someone to practice with. Also make sure to list all your questions and ask your tutor.
  • If you are studying Japanese on your own, get the most effective book. I personally recommend Genki series that my students use.
  • Make Japanese flashcards that you can pull out whenever you have time.
  • If you  can’t attend Japanese school or hire an experienced Japanese language tutor, find Japanese friends whom you can regularly practice your Japanese with. You can meet international students from Japan who are also looking for an exchange English partner.
  • Listen to Japanese tape or CD whenever you can. If you drive to work, you can use
    that time to improve your comprehension skill. Depending on your level, different kind of
    Audio programs are offered. If you are beginners, I recommend you purchasing CD, which includes English explanation.
  • Live in Japan! Once you complete beginner and lower intermediate level courses and master everything you have learned, living in Japan and immersing yourself will really take you to the next level efficiently. But I understand many of you might not have the time or $$ to do this…
  • Have realistic expectations. Mastering a second language is a life long process. I attended University in America and have lived in America for over ten years. I still make grammar mistakes so don’t be too hard on yourself.  😆
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