Japanese food

There are many Japanese restaurants in California, and Japanese cuisine offers one of the most popular dishes in America. I love food, so I do eat out a lot.. 🙂

I wanted to share popular Japanese rice dishes. Japanese people eat rice everyday. It is not uncommon for them to eat rice bowl at each meal..three times a day. My father is like that. Since I hardly cook, I do not eat rice everyday but I still love Japanese rice dishes.

  • Rice Bowl
  • *Japanese people eat a bowl of plain cooked rice with natto (fermented beans). Rice is called “Gohan” in Japanese, and Gohan is basically the main dish.

    • Sushi
    • *Everybody knows Sushi here, and it is definitely the most popular Japanese dishes. Sushi contains Sushi rice, cooked rice usually prepared with sushi vinegar. Nigiri Sushi has a slice of raw fish over an oval of rice. They also have Hand roll sushi, known as “cone sushi” is supposed to be the easiest to make. People often become confuse with Maki sushi (Maki zushi) and Hand roll sushi. But Hand roll is a whole piece of nori (seaweed) wrapped around ingredients and it looks like a cone. On the other hand, Makizushi is rolled into a tube of seaweed and it is cut into small pieces. Hand Roll is bigger than Makizushi.

    • Donburi(丼)
    • *I love domburi. Donburi is a bowl of cooked rice with your favorite food put on top of the rice. There are tempura (tendon), egg and chicken (oyakodon), and my favorite is to have beef on the top, and it is called gyudon.

    • Onigiri
    • *Japanese people love Onigiri. Onigiri is basically rice balls of cooked rice and they are wrapped in seaweed. (nori) You find many onigiri in convenience store in Japan or you can add onigiri for obentou. My mother used to add little salt and put konbu in the middle, which was my absolute favorite.

    • Curry Rice
    • *I love curry rice..I can eat them almost everyday. That’s how much I can have them. Curry originally came from India, bu we developed our own spices and technique which work for Japanese people. Yes Curry rice is definitely the most popular in east Asia.

    Next we can go to “not so popular Japanese food”. they are still popular in the country, but it is understandable that ooutsiders are hesitant to try raw fish for the first time.

    • Sashimi:which means raw fish.
    • Japanese people use soya sauce and wasabi to eat the most types of raw fish.

      So I think we have covered the basic of rice dishes in Japan. I personally love lice, and have to have it at every meal!!!

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