Japanese restroom

I am not sure why but I am kind of embarrassed to show you non-Japanese friends what the traditional Japanese toilet looks like. This is for females…If you have never seen anything like this before, you would probably be like..”WTF…” I would have the exact same reaction to that! But of course I know how to squad down and do my business because I was born and raised in Japan and this type of traditional toilet was far more common back then.

I cannot believe that they still have these kinds today…I guess Japanese people would always know how to do that, but I can understand the confusion foreigners who are visiting Japan for the first time might have felt.



FYI. restrooms are so clean in Japan. I am so proud to say that they have the technology called “sound princess” so you can actually buzz your personal sound when you are doing your business. Isn’t that clever? Japanese society makes you very subconscious in general, so people use this sound princess religiously. If you dare to walk into the bathroom and don’t use it, your coworker or friends wouldn’t like that.

I live in America, it’s the polar opposite. To this date I feel uncomfortable going to the restroom with my classmates because while peeing, these girls talk! It is something I am never going to get used to…because I am Japanese. 🙂

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