Japan’s rock-star mascot

Tokyo, Japan (CNN)-He may be diminutive in stature as he appears under the shadow of the Tokyo Skytree, Japan’s tallest structure at 634 meters. But as he twists and screams “I’m so pretty!” onstage. it becomes clear that his star is rising. “Funassyi” is a superstar in a pear costume. These yuru-kyara (meaning gentle or laid back characters), have been a ubiquitous presence in advertising in Japan for decades.

Japan has all these cute mascots and characters, and personally I am a huge fan of chibimaruko chan and doraemon. If they ever make those mascots, I want to personally wear them to promote the anime. ^_^

So what makes this pear different from other characters created by Japan? Apparently once Funassyi starts dancing widely and emphatically hyping up the crowd in his high-pitched voice, ending sentences with his ending phrases “Nashiiii!!” now Japanese people will rememeber this pear forever! How cute..

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