Miranda Kerr

The most popular non-Japanese model in Asia is probably Miranda Kerr. I have no doubt about it.

She is super beautiful, classy with a killer body but she has a really cute the girl next door face with dimples.

I still remember her first Victoria’s secret commercial that aired in America ten years ago.

Miranda captured American’s hearts instantly and Japan and various other Asian countries are crazy about her.

Although she is 32 years old, she is still pretty much the high fashion model. She is a spokes woman for Reebok. I fell in love with those super cute pink shoes instantly..but I must say it was because of Miranda.

Miranda has a various lucrative contracts with Japanese businesses and she is famous for Samantha Thavasa. Her commercial with a Japanese heartthrob “Keisuke” became so popular and I just love that commercial.

Here is the early version of their commercial.
She is so cute!

I love her random Japanese! Cute.

Christmas Version:


Then she falls in love..
I like Takahiro. He is so cute!

Here..they get married finally and kiss.
I wish this really happened because they look damn good together!

What do you guys think about Miranda Kerr? Takahiro is a singer/actor and a member of Exile.


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