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comprehensive japanese bookAre you interested in learning Japanese? Then you have come to the right place!

Yumi’s Manabu I offers the most comprehensive approach to Japanese language for beginners. Manabu means “to learn” in English. You will become an active learner of Japanese language through practical and fun exercises Yumi’s Manabu I offers! This book also offers detailed instructions on Japanese writing systems, grammar and reading. So you will develop well-balanced skills in speaking, reading and writing Japanese. Intermediate and advanced learners of Japanese language will also benefit from this book.

Manabu is really about actively participating in your own learning. We believe that the most effective method of mastering Japanese is to actively think and experience this unique language. You will actively build basic Japanese grammars,vocabularies and writing systems while thinking, reviewing and rehearsing what you learn in each chapter.

Why should you get Yumi’s Manabu I?
This book offers:

  • detailed explanations on Japanese writing systems and grammars.
  • structured lesson plans. These lessons are easy-to-follow and effective for learners of all levels.
  • effective learning approach. This book will teach learners how to say one expression in various ways. For instance, there are several ways to say “thank you” in Japanese.
  • fun exercises. This book offers engaging exercises so learners can actively practice what they learn in each chapter.

Regular price is $25, but you can get it for $20 now.

Once the payment is received, you will receive Yumi’s Manabu I electronically.

More about Yumi’s Manabu I

  • Contents of the book have been carefully evaluated and reviewed by my current students.
  • The book is over 100 pages, which include detailed explanations, grammars, vocabularies and new words. (the book is written in simple words, which omit lengthy explanations. It is very concise and covers many materials)
  • This book was written based on my knowledge, experience with the students and what is lacking in other Japanese textbooks in the market.
  • Effective!

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