Learn Japanese – Level 4

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This level will help you:

  • Solidify verbs, adjectives conjugation in conversations.
  • Respond properly in conversation
  • Describe people and things
  • Make requests, ask for permissions

Level 4 topics include:

  • -te form of verb (more than one activity in one sentence): I went home, studied and slept yesterday.
  • Making a request (~te kudasai) (how to take a taxi and explain the direction to the driver).
  • Describing people and things (kami ga nagai desu-hair is long)-introduction of Ga particle.
  • Asking for permission (~temo iidesuka?/~tewa ikemasen).
  • ING form (i work for, I live in, I am studying…).
  • How to respond properly in conversation (ending word, ~yo, ~ne).
  • ~toki (when, at the time of).
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