Owl cafe

owl2I wrote about Cat cafes in Japan but there is one place (well, there are many branches) that I really want to visit.

It is Owl cafe: Fukuro no Mise.

The concept is similar to the cat cafe.

You go to the owl cafe to have drinks while hanging out with your favorite owls.

How often do we get a chance to interact with owls up close? Definitely, owl cafe is one of a kind.

You get to sip your coffee while petting owls..

The goal of these owl cafes is to provide relaxation in our stressful world.

owl 3

You should visit Owl Cafe:

-You simply don’t get many opportunities interacting, possibly petting different kinds of owls.

-Japan has many cat cafes (neko no cafe) but if you are allergic to cats, owls cafes are a great alternative.

-Owl stores are located in the suburb, so if you are a tourist, you get to visit a residential area, which isn’t that typical.

-Apparently, you typically pay a little extra for the petting. But it isn’t that expensive. (300 yen- ) Again, how often do we get to do that?

Here is a list of animal cafes you may want to visit in Tokyo area:

Usabibi- Rabbit cafe: Ikebukuro (http://animalcafes.com/v/25483.html)

Ra.a.g.f- Rabbit cafe: Harajuku (http://raagf.com/shop/harajuku/)

Usagi no Ehon-Rabbit cafe-Shimo-Kitazawa (http://animalcafes.com/v/25435.html)

Candy Fruit Usagi no Yokata-Rabbit cafe: Akihabara (http://animalcafes.com/v/25482.html)

Kotori cafe: Bird cafe: Omotesandou (http://kotoricafe.jp/)

Tori no Iru Cafe: Bird Cafe: Asakusa (http://animalcafes.com/v/25493.html)

Hawkeye- Bird cafe: Oshiage (http://animalcafes.com/v/25460.html)

Falconer’s Cafe: Bird cafe:Kichijoji (http://falconerscafe.web.fc2.com/)

Akiba Fukurou-Bird cafe-Akihabara (http://akiba2960.com/)

Forest of Owl- Bird cafe: Akihabara (http://animalcafes.com/v/25540.html)

Ikefukurou Cafe- Bird cafe: Ikebukuro (http://animalcafes.com/v/25498.html)

Temari no Ouchi- Cat cafe: Kichijoji (http://www.whereintokyo.com/venues/25438.html)

Melange- Cat cafe: Ebisu (http://www.nyafe-melange.com/)

owl 4

Tokyo Snake Center- Animal cafe: Harajuku (http://animalcafes.com/v/25562.html)

The list does not include all the stores related to animals. But Snake cafe..I am not quire sure about that.I am not a big fan of snakes. lol

Other than owl cafes, I would love to visit bird cafe as a bird lover.

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