Pray for Japan

This is one of the reasons that I am reluctant to move back to Japan even though my family tells me to do that all the time. How many typhoons or natural disasters that have already happened in Japan?

To be honest, I was not afraid of typhoon or even earthquakes as a little girl in Japan. It was part of our daily living But this typhoon, everybody is talking about it, so it must be really bad.

Tokyo; Japan dispatched tens of thousands of troops and rescue workers Sunday after a typhoon unleashed widespread flooding and left at least 42 people dead and 15 missing.

Typhoon haggis, which means “speed” in the Philippines language Tagalo, tore through Tokyo and larne swaths of Japan’s main land of Honshu on Saturday, bringing record-breaking rains to many areas. By Sunday, flooding more than 1000 homes in crities, towns and villages. At one point, the government advised nearly 8 million people to evacuate. Many ignored the advised and stayed home, but others headed to shelters. Public broadcaster NHK said some died while trying to make their way to shelters, including a 77 year old woman who fell more than 100 feet to her death during an airlift. NHK reported Monday that 198 people were injured in the storm.

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