The Working Holiday Programmes in Japan

It’s called “waahori” in Japanese but some people have asked me about this on twitter. I didn’t really have an answer so i decided to look it up online to find out how this works. But this working holiday has eligibility criteria. Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Republic of Korea, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, and Norway and for residents of Taiwan and Hong Kong are eligible to apply for this special visa.

According to MOFA.Go.JP, The Working Holiday visa is for young people who have the purposes.
Validity of visa
The working holiday visa is a single-entry visa. Visa recipients must enter Japan within one year (three months for Hong Kong and Norway) after the date of issue.

If you are from Australia and Canada, the initial stay is allowed only up to six months. And People from New Zealand, The Republic of Korea, Germany, U.K., Ireland, Denmark, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Norway cannot be extended.

And the working holiday visa cannot be reissued to the same person again. So you must to be the first participant of the program. Additionally, you do not need to pay for the fees for a Working Holiday visa in Japan. (except for UK, Taiwan and Norway)..

Your primary objective for this program is to earn enough money to you can holiday in Japan in pre-determined period. If you need to have a full-time career or want to go to school, the working holiday isn’t the ideal for you.

You will need those things for the application.
1) Application form
2) Photographs (45mmx45mm), to be glued to the application form
3)Resume on A4 paper
4) Outline of planned activities in Japan.
5)Statement of reason: Why are you applying for working holiday visa?
6)Proof of travel funds
this is important so that you have sufficient funds to travel.

7) Proof of sufficient funds to support the initial stay in Japan. At least US $2000 for a single person, US $3000 for a married couple.

Once you get your documents ready, it is apply for a visa. You need to submit the application documents to the embassy of Japan. On the website, it says clearly that you will need to submit the documents 3 weeks before the departure date.

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