What Japanese women aren’t getting

What Japanese Women are not getting from Japanese Men

Recently I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how some Japanese women prefer American or white men over Japanese men. After doing a little research, I couldn’t help but wonder..why aren’t Japanese men stepping up to the plate and giving Japanese women what they really want!

For you Japanese men out there that don’t have a clue, here are a few clues.

All work, no ply: Japanese men work too much. Women want their men to spend time with them, not their job. While a good hard-working man is great, so is balance. To lead a productive and happy life you need to balance work and play. Now “play” does not mean only spending time with your guy friends or the people you work with, it means spending time with your woman and your family.

Three little words (“I love you”) Why do Japanese men have such a hard time telling their lady, “I love you?” These three little words can mean everything to the woman you love. Yes, little gestures of love are greatly appreciated, but sometimes a woman just wants to hear her man tell her in real words out loud that they love them.

Two more little words (I am sorry)

Does something wrong or loses his temper or otherwise disappoints the woman in his life, her is expected to say “I’m sorry” Apologizing does not make him less of a man or weak. In fact, in the eyes of a woman, a man who an say I am sorry is even more of a man because he knows how to admit his mistakes and take responsibility for them. Pride is a good thing to have but not whwhenit causes problems in your realtionship



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