Why is Taiji cove wrong?

When I first wrote about dolphin hunting in Taiji cove, I received some angry messages from fellow Japanese people. I understand their concerns as they feel that Japan has its own right to preserve the food culture.

Japanese people who live in Taiji or other Japanese also justifies this cruel activity and they feel they are being bullied by the world

Why do I personally feel that this drive hunting is nonsense and they should stop immediately?

1) It is not about the food culture. Japanese people don’t eat dolphins. Dolphin meat is very bad for your health due to its high mercury content. But I heard that dolphin meat is often sold as whale meat..It is disgusting.

2) It is all about selling the most beautiful dolphins to aquariums in Japan. Dolphins are very profitable.

3) Japanese fishermen claim that they now have the new tool to kill dolphins instantly without causing too much pain. But again beautiful ones are selected and sold to the aquariums all over the country and other countries come to Taiji to buy these dolphins.

It is pretty disgusting that they use the Japanese food culture as an excuse to continue this. This is all about selling dolphins to aquariums and the governor of Wakayama prefecture is complaining:

“We don’t have enough dolphins. This will affect many aquariums in Japan. We don’t have the resources to breed dolphins and it’s very expensive”

“The word is bullying Japan and denying us to preserve our tradition.”

Again, they are making excuses. This is not about food culture because I have never eaten dolphin meat unless it’s labeled as whale meat. Japanese stores and restaurants still serve whale meat, which should also be banned.

“You guys eat beef and why can’t we hunt dolphin? Are you denying our own Japanese culture?”

“What are the evidences that dolphins are intelligent and that is why we cannot hunt them?”

Well, it is not about dolphin being intelligent or not. Just because we eat beef, it does not mean that we can hunt dolphins. Unfortunately, cows are domesticated for meat while dolphins are NOT. It does not matter which one is smarter. The point is that Japan must follow the requests of the international community and if the world thinks this is unethical, there is no question. Japanese ancestors might have had to eat dolphin meat to survive historically but there is no reason to do that today. Japan should be a role model for the international community and should be an active participant in wildlife conservation.

There are other countries that hunt dolphins and it should be intervened  and Japan should be part of the cause. I feel very embarrassed about this dolphin and whale hunting Japanese fishermen do every year and they are concerned about not having enough dolphins at aquariums. That is nonsense. Then cancel the show! Or raise funds so aquariums have sufficient funds to breed at the site.

This is a very black and white case and I am relieved to hear about Jaza finally complying with the international policies on this issue. They should not be catching dolphins and force them to entertain humans everyday. In a way, that is worse than being killed for meat.

What do you think about this issue? “You are Japanese and how can you not support our food culture?” I have received several messages that question my “Japaneseness”. 

It’s simple..dolphin drive hunting in Taiji is unethical and the international community wants them to stop. Also, this isn’t about food culture because we don’t eat dolphin.

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