Yukata Traditional summer garment

Yukata is a traditional Japanese garment for summer

Yukata is a traditional Japanese garment for summer.

I miss wearing Yukata in the summer time. We wore this special garment for fireworks festivals which took place during summer season. It was so much fun and the best part of this was for girls to dress up in beautiful Yukata and enjoy summer breeze. Yukata is similar to traditional Japanese kimono that you all know, but Yukata is more casual. People wear Yukata for summer festivals such as bon odori.

More trendy yukata has been designed in recent years especially by Japanese celebrities. I like how the fashion and trend incorporate the symbol of Japanese culture into the style. So what is Yukata made of? Yukata ia much more comfortable than Kimono in my opinion. It’s made of cotton so it feels softer and fabrics are much lighter than Kimono. Yukata is not only for women, and some men wear Yukata during a summer season, but it is mostly for women. 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t have many opportunities to wear Yukata or Kimono. but I definitely love Yukata especially because of its comfort. 🙂

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