Essential Phrases and Words for travelers in Japan 

Learn Japanese in two weeks! Click the texts in red to access each lesson.

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Lesson 1: How to greet in Japanese

Lesson 2: Nationality

Lesson 3: How are you?

Lesson 4: How to introduce yourself in Japanese?

Lesson 5: Reserve a hotel in Japan

Lesson 6: Getting the help

Lesson 7: At the restaurant-Version 1

Lesson 7: At the resteaurant-version 2

Lesson 8: Transportation/Where is the airport?

Lesson 9: Essential Verbs

Lesson 10: Essential Adjectives-Without Audio

Lesson 11: Negative Verbs with Audio

Lesson 12:Essential Past Tense Verbs-With Audio

Lesson 13: Essential Adjectives-Without Audio

Lesson 14: Work and School Part 1


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