Best selling artists in Japan

I am surprised with the data below about the best selling artists in Japan. According to Wikipedia, B’z, Mr. Children and Ayumi Hamasaki are the top selling artists in Japan. B’z has been around since the late 80s. They are the best selling artist around the world since Japan has the second largest music market in the world. 

B’z: I love B’z. They were so popular when I was in school and they are really good. The total sales: 81.46 million since 1988.

Mr. Children: I like them too..Their total sales: 58.42 million since 1988.

Ayumi Hamasaki: I don’t even need to mention her. She is the queen of J-POP. She has told roughly 50.38 million since 1995.

The following artists sold between 30 million to 50 million records.

Southern All Stars: 48.08 million since 1975.

Dreams Come True: I love Miwa Yoshida, most talented singer song writer and performing artist. 43.33 million since 1988.

Yumi Matsutoya: 39.30 million since 1968.

Glay: 38.20 million since 1988.

Zard: 37.45 million since 1991. It is too bad what happened to the vocalist.

Hikaru Utada: 35 million since 1996. It is truly amazing considering that she emerged in the late 90s.

SMAP: The most popular Japanese boy band. They have sold 34.33 million since 1991.

Namie Amuro: I thought she falls under the first category so I am somewhat surprised but she has sold over 33.91 million since 1992.


And..what I do not understand is that AKB48 has sold 30.91 million since 2005. I have never really listened to their music before but they are the most popular idol group in Japan, I guess.


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