Celebrity doctor arrested for fraud

This didn’t really surprise me. The first time I saw Dr. Eriko Wakisaka was on one of many variety TV shows she has appeared over the years. What you notice about Dr. Eriko is her beauty. She is in her mid 30s and is not shy about showing off her pretty face, body and even her extravagant lifestyle through social media.

She even let the TV film her spending a lot of money on her favorite host at a host club. She said she had spent $90,000 for her most favorite host one night. Then the reporter asked the doctor about her annual salary..and she reluctantly admitted that she makes approximately $500,000 annually.

That is so cool, and I thought she was the coolest woman doctor in Japan.

When we think of woman doctors, we tend to associate them with nerdy types but Dr. Eriko definitely broke that stigma.

I am not sure how long the Japanese law enforcement has been investigating, but they secured the evidence showing Dr. Erika and a few doctors including chiropractor, dentist making monies from insurance companies through fraudulent billing.

…and of course, organized crime “Yakuza” was behind all these.

The morning when Dr. Eriko was arrested, she had no makeup..that looked shockingly different and it drew even more attention from Japanese media and public.

As you can see, her usual selfie looks so gorgeous. I am amazed by this transformation. It’s like these are completely different people!









































The biggest mistake this doctor made was to put her outrageous private life out there. The Law enforcement has been investigating as they will probably find more and more similar cases involving Japanese national medical insurance.

Dr. Eriko worked with another suspect to bill medical insurance for each patient’s exaggerated treatments so they can receive more money. so She could go spend more money on her favorite Hosuto.

So what did she go wrong? She graduated from Tokyo Jyoshi Medical University and received a doctoral license then she obtained a specialist license in anesthesiology.

The source says that Dr. Eriko was married to a surgeon and when the marriage fell apart and they filed for divorce, she started to interact with “wrong” kind of people and her lifestyle started to become more lavish.

This really proves that money or even status as a doctor aren’t enough to make this woman happy..she was filled with self-hatred and probably has felt the void and buying expending stuff and paying $90,000 to drink with her host temporarily filled her deep void inside her.

I kind of feel sorry for this woman. I hope she will come around and will reflect on the big mistakes she has made.

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