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Court dismisses damages suit against kindergarten by families of children killed by Tsunami.
National Mar 25

Sendai-The Sendai District Court in Miyagi Prefecture has turned down a suit for damaged filed against a kindergarten by the families of two children who died when the tsunami engulfed the kindergarten in the town of Yamamoto. The families had filed the 88 million yen damages suit against the kindergarten, claiming staff were negligent in not moving the children to higher ground immediately after a tsunami warning was issued. The tsunami hit the school, which was on flat land about a 1/2 kilometers from the coast, 75 minutes after the quake struck.

This is so hard and I cannot believe that all these people in Miyazaki prefecture have been suffering since 2011. If any monetary compensation can help the situation, I wish that Japanese government would honor more compensation for the victims’ families. Definitely this was no more than tragedy.

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