Date in Japan

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to date Japanese women in Japan? This is the key..Japanese women IN Japan because Japanese women in the west like myself are a bit different. 🙂 Don’t ask me why..I don’t want to get into it right now. I don’t want to talk smack foreigners in Japan but I’ve seen unattractive white Ojisan (middle aged man) holding hands together with pretty Japanese woman. It’s like what the…??? But this is quite common. I guess there are white women who want to date Asian boys but definitely the ratio of interracial couples between Japanese female and western men are much higher.

I think this is due to the media. Hollywood movies are popular everywhere and of course it is super popular in Japan. Japanese women tend to think American guys are gentlemen just because they open the damn door! But these guys are doing this out of etiquette. It doesn’t mean he is really into her or will be a good boyfriend for you. Japanese women don’t know that so they learn these things by watching movies and TV shows. Also when I worked at the train station many many many years ago, there was this woman who kept saying that western men are so much more nicer than Japanese men..they are not afraid of affections in public. I actually believe in that after watching Beverly Hills 90210..Everything about that show is far from the truth but TV actresses don’t mind having a strong display if PDA.

There is a notion that a woman with a handsome western husband is considered highly in Japanese society. I don’t know why but.

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