Why is it not ok to hunt Dolphins but it’s ok to kill cows? Many Japanese people are becoming defensive with the international community criticizing dolphin drive killing. It’s part of Japanese food culture and other countries do the same thing. Some countries in Europe are still killing certain whales and dolphins and people used to kill whales for oil in America. Yes, they USED to. Are dolphins that special? What sets dolphins apart from other animals? Honestly, I don’t have an answer to the question. I am not a historian and I don’t really know why it is ok to kill cows but not dolphins. I probably won’t be able to eat any meat if I ever see how they are treated and killed for meat. But that’s just the way it is and most countries eat beef, chicken and pork. These are domesticated animals specifically produced for food. I am not saying this is right or wrong but that’s the general consensus. But Japanese government is allowing fishermen to kill up to 25,000 dolphins at Taiji each year. I don’t have background information on how they determined this number.

Japanese government says dolphin hunting is part of Japanese (food) culture and tradition. I am concerned about this justification because I grew up in Japan and had lived there for 19 years but I have NEVER heard of this dolphin hunting tradition. I’ve seen whale meat sold at supermarket and my Japanese grandfather was occasionally eating this luxurious food (whale).My mom always told me that it was not ok to eat whale and there was no need. It’s exactly the point. I am sure each country has certain tradition which is against the social norms for other societies. That is why the world has worked together to strive for peace after the World War 2. Japan has become the second economic power since the World War II and has been recognized for technological advancement and its superior quality. Culture and tradition continue to develop through reassessment and revision and this is an opportunity for Japan to set the record straight and ban this inhumane practice of slaughtering dolphins. People participate in endless arguments on this topic questioning the legitimacy of dolphin’s intelligence and some Japanese continue to argue that dolphins are no different from cows and they are just trying to maintain the culture under strict regulations. Here are why they need to stop immediately:

1) Because it is wrong. The general consensus is that dolphin killing is unethical, inhumane and wrong. Japan is one of the world leader and they need to become the role model by reevaluating this inhumane practice and tradition. Because the general consensus is that dolphin meat is toxic and dolphins are not to be killed for meat, we have to follow the code of ethics set by the international standard.

2) Japan’s reputation is severely damaged by the recent media exposure.

3) They know that what they do is unethical. If not, why don’t they do this in public? Let the rest of Japanese citizens to learn what is happening and ask if they agree that this is part of Japan’s food culture. The fact is most Japanese people are UNAWARE of this practice and we do not eat Dolphins. So this is simply a lie.

4)This is nothing more than money. The whole purpose of capturing and slaughtering dolphins is to make MONEY. and the big bucks come from selling rare beautiful dolphins to aquariums and theme park such as Sea World. Each dolphin can be sold for more than $100,000. If you sell 10, you make one million. You do the math and now know the real reason behind this practice. Why should they stop when there is a need.

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