Funny Japanese video-ikemen

This video is so funny..the video explains the difference Onyomi (音読み)and Kunyomi(訓読み). Japanese language tries to instructor how to read “tama” (玉)in kunyomi and onyomi. It is pretty funny so if you can understand Japanese, you should watch this video. The class is full of foreigners (Gaikokujin), one of which is “ikemen” from Italy.

Ikemen=this basically means “good looking man”. It’s kind of like a slang so you can’t say that during the interview. 🙂

Ikeru, iketeru means “cool”. You know how American always say “cool”!

So when you pay attention to the combination of these words, you would notice “cool” and “men”! Yes just like “men” in English! So now you know a new slang!
But seriously this Italian guy is “Ikemen”..cute guy!

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