Japanese Language Textbook By Yumi Nakata

My website (www.yumitolesson.com) has the similar content for subscribers but if you want to get an electronic textbook, this is available here. I have received positive feedback from my clients that my teaching style and this textbook have helped them learn Japanese effectively.

If you are new to Japanese language and culture, this book will certainly help you master the language. If you are interested in getting this book, please make a payment via paypal and I will send you an electronic copy within the next 24 hours.

This is just a sample but I do have a good that will be an excellent book if you are trying to build a solid foundation to become a fluent speaker. This works for more intermediate students who want to review materials.

*No Refund: All sales are final as it took several years for me to put together this textbook and it is currently available only in e-book.

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