Roomate Horror Story

Living with roommates is definitely not in my culture (Japan) so I had quite a few horror stories associated with my past roommates .lol

I have countless roommate horror stories and I moved many times when I lived in Los Angeles. It was my responsibility for not being able to understand English enough to assess the compatibility of my future roommates. Not only that there was a serious communication problem, it was my first time leaving my parents’ it was a major transition in my life but anyways living with total strangers was very times scary!

Many of us probably have lived with lousy roommates but I will never forget the first roommate that I had in Los Angeles…I found this woman who was renting three bedroom condo in Santa as a beautifully furnished condo and even though I thought the living room was kind of messy with so many plants, I fell in love with the bedroom beautifully furnished with designer furnitures…and the rent was affordable ($450) so I decided to move in right away. And this woman looked fine..I didn’t really understand what she was saying but she was in her 50s and said she was an elementary school teacher. I needed the place right away so I paid the deposit and moved in right away..

But then a few weeks after I moved in, I started to notice something..I hear a little girl crying and a loud man yelling at this girl..and I hear three people talking from her room..And I thought she was having guests..but I started to hear that type of dialogue every other week and it became once a week. I had another roommate whose bedroom was right next to mine but she was out most of the times. After hearing the dialogue for 3-4 times, I realized that she didn’t have any guests..she was the only person in the room and she is making those crazy sounds. I am truly sympathetic for whatever had happened to her in the past but I was scared because she was cursing really loud in her room and I was alone with her..even though I tried to avoid her, I could still hear the crazy I came up with some lame excuses and moved out in the middle of the semester. I just didn’t feel safe physically and couldn’t deal with someone like her and that was probably the most memorable roommate that I have ever had in my life. There are pros and cons of having roommates..definitely if you can find the right kind of “normal” roommates, it would be cheaper than renting your own place and it’s much nicer.. 🙂

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