Salad Cakes

vegecake2I like salad and do make an effort to eat some vegetables everyday. But Salad cake? What is Japan thinking?!

Japanese food stylist and designer, Misuki Moriyasu produced the beautiful salad cakes that are available in her new cafe.

So how did she make the sponge? She blended whole vegetables, roots and all with soybean flour. Little or no sugar is added so definitely you will be eating the healthiest cake!

How about the icing? I love icing..that’s what I look forward the most eating whenever I eat cake. For the icing, Moriyasu mixed vegetables with cream cheese or tofu. Again I don’t know about the taste but again, it must be a very guilty free desert for people who are health conscious.

This is not your typical Japanese cake. Japanese foods are typically healthy but cakes are cakes. Cakes are sweet, fatty and that’s why these sweets are so satisfying..

These aren’t really cakes when you think about it. It is a cake-inspired salad. It would be perfect for kids who just refuse to eat any salads.

Moriyasu’s new store located in Nagoya is all about superfoods, gluten-free items and it’s perfect for those who are trying to diet and need to eat vegetables even though you don’t really like it. Maybe this will work for you.

The only thing is that a slice of vegetable cake does not come cheap. It starts at 735 yen (around $8.50). That is pretty expensive for a piece of cake.

I am a little hesitant as a sweet lover. I want everything sweets. Maybe I can add artificial sweetners to these vegetable cakes.

I don’t know what to make of these but I love sweets and I love how these salad cakes look. I would attempt to stop by this cafe in Nagoya..If you plan to go, don’t forget to share your picture and comment below!

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