YKK released a prototype of high tech window

YKK APP, a manufacturer known for windows, shashes, doors and others, ¬†released a prototype of “high-tech window” incorporating a transparent organic EL panel with a touch sensor on the glass surface.

The theme of this project named “Future Window” is “Window with intelligence connecting with the world.” Based on this project, windows do not merely serve as displays but also has the functions of automatically opening and closing the windows according to the dirt of indoor air and room temperature. It also responds to home electronics and works with various sensors to make this miracle window function.

The window frame with swappable components allows users to add parts such as a camera, a light sensor, a wind sensor, a pressure sensor or other sensors to customize its functions depending on user’s life styles. Users can control the window by the touch interface, smartphone or gestures.

The company is planning to commercialize the product in three years. 

The company is exhibiting the three prototypes at the YKK AP showroom in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Mr. Higashi Katsunori, YKK AP Business Planning Division Director of Business Development said at the press conference. “Windows is a part that largely affects the living environment, but when building a house, the priority of window is low compared to the kitchen and the toilet. YKK AP started this project from the idea of wanting to become more conscious of the window and its impact on our life.

During the press conference, a large window of 1596 x 1062 mm in length and breadth was used. Although it is a simple window at first glance, a transparent organic EL panel (55 type) with a touch sensor is included in the window glass, weather forecast, temperature, room temperature, UC ray information etc are displayed.


Besides these functions, the company introduced the function to automatically take a picture of the room at regular intervals to automatically create the life log, the function to paste the digital sticky note. And this can also function to mirror the smart phone screen. You can display the screen of your smartphone, you can play a movie that is projected on a huge monitor, the windows!

However, since the transparent organic El panel at the present time can be seen from the back, information can be seen by passersby. So there are privacy concerns. The future window incorporating many functions, but it is actually controlled by Android. So it would be interesting if we could develop apps.

As for price, it is less than 1 million yen at the moment. But since the majority of the material cost is a transparent organic EL panel, if the supply of panels advances and the price can subsequently fall.

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