Japan and tourism

Japan might grant visa waivers to tourists from Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam when it revises its tourism action plan in June, government sources said Monday. This is aimed at Southeast Asia, whose vast Muslim population is expected to play a crucial role in achieving Japan’s goal of 20 million visitors a year in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. (read more on

Immigration reform will benefit both U.S. and Asia
Having an Asian face with a U.S. ambassador title, I am often asked “where I am really from.” Or perhaps more politely, whether I am “nissei” or “sansei”or just how many generations back did my family emigrate from Asia to the United States? There is at least one area where all political parties should be able to come together for some meaningful, near-term action. That is focusing on the untapped potential of the many skilled men and women who have already come to the U.S. through legal channels. This includes tens of thousands from India, China and elsewhere in Asia. (read more..japantimes.co.jp)

Tokyo-Concerned about a shortage of construction workers for an expected building boom ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan is looking to tap into a source of labor it has long regarded as off-limits-foreign workers. ..In Japan, noncitizens make up just 1.6% of the population, any moves are likely to be incremental, as the government looks to make baby steps to improve a labor shortage without opening the lid on the wider issue of immigration policy.

Japan has made the following changes on immigration visas.
Relaxed visa requirements for Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.
Japan is now issuing multiple-entry visas to Filipinos.

Japan has been apprehensive about immigration laws and relaxing visa requirement must have caused some anxieties for the Japanese citizens and many of them are concerned about the safety and other related issues. But Japan has to start coming up with plan B as the country has suffered significant decline in population and immigrating people for work and increasing the tourism are a separate issue but I hope that more people will want to live in Japan once the tourism in Japan attracts millions of people from all over the world.

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