Awesome Mariah Carey

I am a pretty serious Mariah Carey fan. I went to Mariah Carey’s first concert held in Tokyo. It is so great that we can watch her entire concert on youtube now. I hope this video won’t be removed, but I have to say that this video triggers a strong emotion whenever I watch it.

Mariah Carey was my childhood role model. I’ve shared my struggles growing up mixed in the countryside of Japan. It sucked big time. Although I was raised Japanese,¬†another part of me wanted to just be me..just wanted to embrace the other half of my heritage.

I was like 14 years old when I saw Mariah Carey’s interview on TV. She looked perfect, successful, famous..flawless but during the interview aired on TV, Mariah was talking about her childhood struggles because of her mixed heritage.¬†Mariah’s background is pretty diverse as her father is an African Venezuelan and her mother is Irish American. Her infamous sister has HIV and she grew up very poor with her single mother.

All these songs she produced in 90s really inspired me to set my own goals and never give up..and “make it happen.”



I finally had a chance to meet with Mariah Carey back stage in Las Vegas last year. People thought that I was crazy but it was once in a life time opportunity for me. Despite Mariah’s negative reputations, I still love her songs, strength and she is a very strong woman. Most people wouldn’t have survived that kind of pressure regardless of money. That is why celebrities often go down a path of irreversible destruction but she has always made it through.

Mariah may not have the same voice..she is in her 40s. Even then, most people can’t sing like her and her music reflects her exceptional talent. Not many singers can last this long.

I really hope to go to her concert again in the nearest future!

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