Snoopy Museum will open!


Who doesn’t like Snoopy? I love snoopy more than hello kitty!

Sorry Kitty chan but I am a huge Snoopy fan.

So I can’t be more excited when I heard the museum dedicated to Snoopy and his family will open in Roppongi, Tokyo in March 2016..

Next year! Yay!!

Why Roppongi though?

Roppongi is known for its night life and parties..and definitely it’s the most popular spot for foreigners in Tokyo.

But I don’t care where Snoopy museum will be opened..!

This will be a second museum dedicated to Peanuts, the late illustrator Charles Schulz’s comic strip.

Since I live in California, I would love to visit the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa, California.

The last thing you may want to know is that this museum is slated to operate only for 2.5 years. It will open in March 2016 and the operation will continue through September 2018.

They are already predicting at least 800,000 annual visitors!

Also, I am super excited about the new movie, “I love snoopy”.

It is a perfect Christmas movie..I love this time of the year!

The movie will be released on 12/4/15!

The official snoopy site:

It has many items snoopy fans just don’t want to miss!!


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