The most beautiful Japanese people with filipino heritage

I want to introduce these actresses and models who are half Japanese and Filipino. I am really glad that Hafu models and actresses who aren’t mixed with white parents have been getting positive media exposure in Japan.

Sadly, many of them talk about their experience being bullied in school, but I think they have done so well for themselves. This is the proof that Japan is changing.

Media has such a huge influence, so I hope more people like them (minority HAFU) will be active in Japanese entertainment industry.

Saya Kagawa

She is an international fashion model. In 2015, she was named the best body in Japan for the Kanto region. A small face and having long legs are important elements of Japanese beauty. Saya Kagawa is just that. Her face is so small and people say that she has this perfect “10 ttoushin” style. (10頭身)–> Literally it means that her height is equivalent to the height of her own 10 faces.

She is half Japanese and Filipino. Her height is 170 cm!

Takahashi Mary Jun

She is a model and an actress. Her father is Japanese and mother is Filipino. Her brother is a professional soccer player.


Her father is Japanese and mother is Spanish Filipino. Her father was a public worker and when he travelled to the Philippines, he fell in love with the waitress at the restaurant he ate. Later they got married.

Since a small child, Lovely felt that people were discriminatory against her Filipino mother. Her brother is also a very popular Japanese boyband member.

Elaiza Ikeda

Her father is Japanese and mother is half Filipino and Spanish. She grew up in Fukuoka city in Japan but was born in the Philippines.


Her father is Japanese and mother is Filipino. She had lived in the Philippines when she was 3 years old until 6 years old. She mentioned that she decided to pursue the entertainment industry in Japan because she was bullied in Japanese school because of the color of her skin.

She wanted to get back at them. She is an idol and television personality.

She is originally known for her impersonation of Tomomi Itano of AKB48 through her makeup.

Saya Akimoto

Saya is an actress and singer based in Japan. She was a member of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48.

Her father is Japanese and mother is Filipino.

Anna Suda

She is half Japanese and half Filipino. She is a Japanese performer, actress and rapper. She is a member of the group Happiness, E-girls and SudannaYuzuYully.


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