UNESCO recognizes Japanese food culture

Japanese food is very popular..I love Japanese food of course because I am originally from Japan..and I also love fake Japanese sushi at many restaurants in California. LOL Finally UNESCO is likely to designate Japanese food as an Intangible cultural heritage. “Washoku” means “Japanese cuisine” and it will be added to the honorable UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, and it’s only given to four other world cuisines..what an honor as Japanese! There was a preliminary review at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization on 10/22/2013, and the agency for Cultural Affairs said that it was recommended that Japanese cuisine to be added to this. If approved, Japanese food will be officially added to the list in December 2013..I didn’t know that there was such a recognition at the UNESCO in the first place, but “Gastronomic Meal of the French”, the “Mediterranean Diet” of Spain, Greece, Italy and Morocco, “Traditional Mexican Cuisine” and the “Ceremonial Keskek Tradition” of Turkey are all recognized as the intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

This will be a huge deal for Japan and Japanese people and the timing is great for Japan because Tokyo will be hosting the 20/20 Olympics. Japan suffered natural disaster two years ago, and the image of Japan has been compromised due to the nuclear crisis and hopefully this will encourage more tourists to visit Japan. Japanese food is part of beautiful Japanese culture, festivals and tradition. Japanese fishes use very fresh ingredients and fish and it’s generally considered very healthy. And they look beautiful..I love its colorful presentation and it’s simply an art.

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