Change your life and brain

change your brain

change your brain

Dr. David Amen says that our personalities, thought patterns and emotional responses are wired into our brains so people with rigid personality and people with relaxed personality have different brain structures. So that means that our brain can be rewired and altered if we continue to work on our issues and we can develop the new neural pathways which help us think more positively.


His book says the first thing we can do is to:

1)Create a happy environment for ourselves: We can put photos of our loved ones in our bedrooms, office spaces.
2)Keep a gratitude journal: My therapist has been telling me to do this for years. When we are writing down things we “should” be grateful for, we are using certain parts of our brain at that moment.
3)…and here comes the mindfulness meditation: studies have proved that regular meditation not only ease our anxiety and calm our mind but it actually changes our brain..
4)Practice focusing for 10 minutes a day. (I would think this is similar to the mindfulness meditation?)
5)Be compassionate for others: this will help us appreciate what we have and develop empathy for others who are suffering and Dr. Richardson says this will rewire our brain.

For more details: Get this book!

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