Internet addiction

Internet addiction has become to be a very serious social phenomena in modern Japan. Especially this disease is spreading among kids in school. They are sleep deprived and even become “Hikikomori” (socially withdrawn, refused to leave their room) and these kids refuse to go to school. National Medical Center in Kanagawa Prefecture is getting a large number of calls from all over Japan. In the mid September, 10 parents of kids with internet addiction got together at the same medical center and the number of meeting participants from other areas is increasing. The parent of male high school student says his son stopped going to school because of his obsession with computer game. When the parent tried to take away the computer, the son rebells against his father saying “Ae you trying to destroy my friendship wit game companions?” Parents confessed their struggles with their children who refuse to admit their addiction.

It is becoming more common to find alcohol and substance addiction center in Japan but the start of internet addiction treatment center is fairly recent. According to the center’s data, 80% of people who seek the treatment consist of those in teens or twenties. It is a surprise that they have an option of in-patient treatment so sufferers can focus on getting better in an environment which doesn’t have internet. There are various reasons as to why these people become addicted to the internet. Common factors include parental issues, failure of college entrance examination and school bullying..all of which has been very serious social issues for Japan. When the sufferers do not get a treatment and continue to let the addiction overtake their lives, these people continue to do the internet without eating or sleeping until they literally collapse..

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