Crazy Japanese politician

A 47-year-old Japanese politician was screaming and crying at the press conference..why? Because he is accused of spending approximately 3 million yen (or more) on travel expenses without proper documentation. He has gone to the resorts and various locations..195 times without receipts. He is a politician so taxpayers want to know how the money was spent.

In his defense, he started to cry and scream at the conference which was aired on TV. He was going crazy and started screaming when asked how the money was spent. Ryutaro Nomura is part of the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly and he was screaming and crying in order to defend himself. Well, if there is nothing to hide, why would he need to have a tantrum like a small child…? Do you think people would forgive him or is it a way for him to manipulate the residents of Hyogo prefecture into thinking that he was really upset with the fact that he was being accused of misusing taxpayer’s money because he was genuinely trying to make the society a better place…something is not right here.

Nomura is criticized for making 195 trips during the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Ok these are all for his work but then why didn’t he document how the money was spent?!

Anyways I find this man extremely unprofessional and even unfit for his job. Mentally unstable..Japanese people often shed tears when they are accused of something thinking that public would emphasize with them.

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