My first expensive handbag

Japanese girls love designer brands. Every fashion magazine in Japan feature so called “super designer brands.” Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci just to name a Japanese girlfriends in college owned these handbags and I just didn’t understand how they could afford to buy these bags.

I guess I could buy one also if I was willing to have the same mentality. I still remember how Japanese girlfriend of mine demanded her boyfriend to buy her a promise ring..It was a little over $1200 and to me, it looked like a simple silver ring but it wasn’t just a was probably the least expensive ring at Cartier. My best friend who lives in Japan received a gift from her ex boyfriend a couple of years ago. Again it looked like a simple ring..nothing too fancy. It wasn’t like a diamond ring but the ring was a little over $2,500. Ouch! It is nice of her ex boyfriend not to ask her to return a ring when they broke up..I might have done that if I was him.

But there was one bag that I really wanted. My Japanese friend from college had two Chanel flip bags in different colors. Yes different colors! It was about ten years ago and I promised myself that I would get a small bag from Chanel. I have never been a real materialistic person and was always happy with my small coach bag my dad bought me as a graduation gift. But I really wanted that bag…

chanel CC

Finally my boyfriend gave in and decided to combine Christmas and Birthday presents into one gift and bought me a wallet on chain…when my friend showed me a classic Chanel flag bag, it was about $2,000 and that was ten years ago and we taught it was going to be around that price range but I really wanted the Chanel gold class Double CC bag on display..”this is the last one in this retail.”, says the store clerk. And the last one..and it’s a bag display..not even in a glass case.

“Is there any kind of discount..? Because it’s not technically new..”

“No..sorry. We don’t offer discounts here at Chanel.”

I was a little embarrassed but really wanted that bag. “Alright, I will get it for you..This is going to be it Yumi!”

This is the story of my first Chanel wallet on chain…not even a purse..I can fit just credit cards, iphone and cash..that’s it because it’s a wallet!


But I love and love my Chanel limited edition purse..Beautiful. It’s probably going to be the last one..for now.


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