Four things my Japanese parents complain about America

My parents are getting old and I have decided to try to see them once a year. It is hard financially and also it isn’t that easy to take two weeks off work! I love my parents but they complain a lot..for example, whenever they visited me in Southern California, they were complaining about these four things almost every single day.

I was like, “I understand that, but it is what it is and America is different from Japan. It is good that you don’t live here then.” It usually works when I remind them about their “permanent” home in the countryside of Japan..they were just visiting! So whatever they were dealing with or felt uncomfortable in America, these were temporary for them.

Anyways, I wanted to share on my blog to see if any of my readers can relate to this or my parents are being unreasonable.

1) Rude Customer Service: I understand my parents’ concerns and frustrations over┬ápeople who work at the fast food chain restaurants. But they can’t expect the same level of service provided by the Japanese fast food restaurant. It isn’t just realistic!

2) Why should we pay tips? : I have to argue with my mom about this every time she visits me in America. I patiently explain that low wage workers count on tips to actually support themselves and their families. And it is customary and she shouldn’t be questioning. If she really doesn’t want to, we can skip fancy restaurants and cook at home or eat at the food court?

3) Why are so many Americans obese? : I don’t know mom! I usually just ignore her when she starts this because she would quickly switch the subject and asked me why I have on so much weight! Because I live in a society that relies on automobiles so much and food portions are insane in this country.

4) Why do people speak so fast in America?: Because Americans expect foreigners to speak some English. They are not as accommodating as people are in Japan toward foreigners. Their attitudes are are in the U.S. by choice then you better speak English!

I am sure that I could come up with something else but this is the most inclusive list..for my parents as they always tell the same things to me over the phone and definitely when they stay with me in California!!

Do you agree with them?

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