Health care system in Japan

The health insurance in Japan provides healthcare services and the patient must pay 30% of the total costs while the Japanese government pays the rest of the costs. And the payment for personal medical services is offered through a universal health care insurance system that provides accessible services. Unemployed people can purchase national health insurance. It is similar to PPS system in America. Patients have the liberty to choose which physicians they want to go. Their coverage is gurranteed under this program. I did not know about this but Japanese hospitals are allowed to operate only as non-profit entities. Physicians own the clinics and operate as opposed to companies operating the hospitals in America.

Japanese people are mandated to have health insurance from employers and national health insurance. I like the fact that patients get to choose the physicians and their coverage cannot be denied. Japanese government keep tabs on the medical fees so the fees are regulated across the country. Patients pay 10%, 20%, or 30% of the total medical fees depending on the income and the government will pay the rest. You don’t have to worry about high out of pocket fees because the government has set the monthly thresholds for each household, depending on their age, income.

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