Hello Kitty Bullet Train

We all know how Japan is obsessed with anything cute. My American friend was like..”Is this a new ride for kids?”

Well, that’s what the average American people would say when they see a bullet train painted with Hello Kitty chan and everything is kitty chan inside as well!

This is a dream come true for super Hello Kitty fans! Beginning June 30, the country’s newest bullet train will come barreling down the railway at some 200 miles an hour, decked out in pink. Blink and you might miss the sight of one the world’s most iconic characters plastered on the side: the beloved Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty known as Kitty chan in Japan is the symbol of Japan’s “kawaii” (meaning cute) culture. It’s really cool that she is now the face of this new bullet train and running from the Fukuoka prefecture in western Japan to the Osaka station. It’s about 400 miles north.

Inside the bullet train, you find Hello Kitty everywhere. Walls, on headrests, even on window curtains. Is it too much?

Maybe not..for hard core fans!

This will be a huge hit for the tourists who are obsessed with Hello Kitty just as much as Japanese people are obsessed with. You can find Hello Kitty literally everywhere in Japan, every station has Omiyage corner and carries hello kitty goods with region specific Hello Kitty.


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