3 Quick Discount Japan

3 Quick Discount Japan Travel Tips

by Shane A Jones

In this article we introduce you to 3 quick discount Japan travel tips that can save you big dollars and yen during your travels within Japan.

  1. Japan Rail Pass The Japan Rail Pass is a rail pass offered by the Japan Railways Group (JR), Japan’s largest rail company, which enables foreign visitors to travel virtually anywhere in Japan by rail at a significant discount. The Japan Rail Pass may be used on all JR rail lines, including the shinkansen bullet trains. Since JR rail lines serve just about every part of Japan, this means that you can travel anywhere in Japan for a single low price!
  2. Suica and N’EXT Travel Package  The Suica NEX travel package combines the convenience of the Suica smart card and the Narita Express Train from Narita Airport into Tokyo at a single low discount price, giving users the fastest ride into Tokyo from Narita airport.

When you purchase the Suica & N’EX package, you will receive a Suica card plus a Narita Express ticket.

Finally Suica Smart Card

Once you’ve arrived in Tokyo or Yokohama, you can use the Suica card on the JR and other trains in and around Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan. The balance on the card will probably only be enough for a few short train rides, but you can recharge the Suica card at JR ticket machines. This is great because the Suica card lets you avoid the stressful hassle of figuring out and purchasing fares for each train ride, which can be a daunting task for first-time Japan travelers.

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