What foreigners think of Japanese people?

When I brought my American friend to my home in Japan, we were fortunate enough to travel all over Japan. We went to Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Tokyo, Chiba, Okayama (of course)…

She was visibly shocked (not in a bad way) with what she was experiencing and I wanted to share some of the things she found about Japan fascinating.

1) Japanese people seem very shy and helpful.
2) Japanese people rarely express how they feel and talk about their feelings unless it’s informal setting.
3) It seems that Japanese people are perfectionist, the way food is displayed, their excellent customer service in the least expected store such as seven eleven!
4) Japanese workers are very team oriented and that is very different from most of the other western countries.

They are mostly favorable, right? I am glad that many foreigners want to actually visit Japan because language is so fascinating.

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