Japan is a popular destination

Cool Japan initiatives are finally working. I think this is because of the Cool Japan effects but more foreigners are visiting Japan and it is really helping Japanese economy. Japanese economy has been stagnant for over two decades now and it is really important for Japan to increase the number of foreign tourists who would spend money in Japan.

Some companies have benefited from surge in foreign visitors. The railway and the aviation companies’ have witnessed significant profit from the tourism. Garment manufacturers that sell souvenirs to foreigners are also doing very well. Japanese people are known for their loyalty and hard work. Some companies give their employees bonuses to reward them. As the country suffered from stagnant domestic market, it is relying on foreign tourists to revive the economy.

The Japan National Tourist Office reports that 13,41 million foreign tourists visited Japan in 2014 alone. I guess this is a positive economic strategy, but what do you guys think?


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